Save the Yellowstone Cutts
Dispose of
monofilament fishing line properly.
Fish killed by monofilament
Fish and wildlife ingest or become tangled in monofilament making them unable
wildlife.  It persists in the environment for 600 years.

When line becomes tangled in trees or underwater, remove as much as
possible.  When changing line, keep the old line and collect any that you find.  
Recycled monofilament is made into useful products like
fishing gear boxes and
fish habitat.
Monofilament recycling tube installed on Lower Shoshone River by Trout Unlimited, Cody, Wyoming.
Recycling Tube Locations
  • Belfry Bridge Access
  • Buffalo Bill Boat Ramp
  • Cooper Lane Access
  • Corbett Bridge Takeout
  • Corbett Dam Access
  • Gibbs Bridge Access
  • Newton Lakes East & West
  • Paul Stock Trail
  • Wapiti Fishing Access
Recycling Box Locations
Recycling Bin at local business, Trout Unlimited.

  • North Fork Anglers
    Fly Shop
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Sierra Trading Post