Save the Yellowstone Cutts
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Hidden Lake, Cody, WY, Trout Unlimited conservation project

Hidden Lake

Wooden dam had deteriorated and failed.  Members
used rocks, soil, & geotextiles to raise the dam 2.5 feet.  
With the dam back up to its original height, fish habitat

TU worked in collaboration with the Shoshone National
the project.
River bank stabilization project Trout Unlimited, Shoshone River, Cody, WY
Replanting Old Husky Refinery Site

Trout Unlimited members replanted the
banks of the Shoshone River with willows
to stabilize.
West Newton Lake, Cody, Wyoming.
Houndstoungue, Trout Unlimited conservation project.
Park County Weed & Pest and Trout Unlimited at Newton Lakes, Wyoming