Save the Yellowstone Cutts
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Total Trout Returned
to Rivers:

2010:  4267 trout

2012:  6180 trout

2013:  6695 trout

2014  3262 trout

2016:  3870 trout
Irrigation Water Comes from the River - Fish get lost in the canals
In a labor intensive process, fish are stunned by electro-shock, collected by net and hauled in a tank truck.  
Fish are released back into their home water.   
Coordinated with irrigation districts and landowners, this massive community effort saves a fraction of the trout
which find their way into the irrigation canals.

Recent studies by Wyoming Game & Fish show 50,000
fish entered Cody Canal, from 9 species.  7,300 were

Many fish are taken by predators as the water recedes.
Volunteers rescue between 1-10% each fall.
Dead trout in irrigation canals, fish rescue, Trout Unlimited, Cody, Wyoming.
A Better Idea-
Prevent Fish from Entering the Irrigation System
Fish Screen
This screen is on a primary
Yellowstone Cutthroat spawning
tributary of the Shoshone River.

Four irrigation systems originate
here and hundreds of fish are lost.

TU purchased one stainless steel,
rotating fish screen for one small
creek, saving hundreds of fish
each season.  

Other fish screens have followed,
starting the trend of replacing
aging irrigation structures with
fish-friendly devices.
  • Volunteer to rescue fish in October and November. Watch our calendar page.
  • Get certified, it's free. Online course, Backpack Electrofishing Certification. Course
  • Foster cooperation with landowners and irrigation districts.
  • Support the local Buffalo Bill Chapter of the Future Farmer’s of America.  These
    students and their teacher volunteer at our fish rescue, and we donate to their
    scholarship program.  Attend their spring Steak Fry!
  • Show support for fish screens.