Save the Yellowstone Cutts
Newton Lakes, Trophy Fishing in Cody, Wyoming

An organization directed by a board of
private families, corporations, non profits.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Contributions in any
amount are most welcome.  Contributions
should be made payable to: Wyoming
Centennial Community Foundation, P.O.Box
4008, Laramie, WY 82071, for the Newton
Lakes Fund.
Securities may be delivered to us or to your
broker with a request to contact us for
instructions as to sale or retention. Our tax
ID number is 83-0287513. Gifts are tax
deductible to the extent allowed by law.
East Newton Lake Trophy Fishery Cody, Wyoming

NEWTON LAKES, three miles north of Cody on Highway 120, consists of two lakes on 300
acres of public lands.  West Lake (natural) is managed as a family fishery for Cutthroat
Trout.  East Lake (artificial) is a trophy fishery for Eagle Lake Rainbows and Brown Trout.

THE PAST. Newton Lakes are used as brood stock ponds by the Wyoming Game & Fish
Department.  In early 1980, the Lakes opened to public fishing, quickly earning trophy fishery

When drought and geologic changes threatened the survival of the lakes,  private and public
groups came to the rescue: Absaroka Flycasters, Trout Unlimited, Trail Creek Ranch,
Shoshone Heart mountain Conservation district, Wyoming Game and Fish department, and
the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

In 1986, Game and Fish took over management of fisheries and a steering committee of
volunteers, including representatives from Absaroka Flycasters, Trout Unlimited, the City of
Cody, and Park County, took responsibility for the recreational area.  Game and fish installed
a pump and private gifts were secured for a pipeline from the Heart Mountain Canal to East
Newton Lake.

THE PRESENT. Volunteers from Trout Unlimited maintain the pumping system and fences,
clean rest rooms, pick up trash, and help defray water conveyance costs and pumping

THE FUTURE.  To ensure the permanence of the Newton Lakes for family and trophy
fishing, both private and public agencies have decided to establish a maintenance
endowment which, in time, will cover all upkeep expenses.

THE ENDOWMENT FUND.  Earnings from the Newton Lakes Endowment Fund are
designated primarily for the Newton Lakes Recreation Area and, secondarily, for other sport
fisheries within Park County, Wyoming.  The Fund's advisory committee, helping determine
exactly how earnings are to be spent, consists of the presidents of Absaroka Flycasters, the
area chapter of Trout Unlimited, and a third member from the volunteer steering committee.
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