Hogan & Luce Reservoirs

Logan & Luce Lakes Arial View

Logan & Luce Lakes Arial View

John in Float Tube
Directions to Hogan/Luce Reservoirs:

Travel 18 miles northwest of Cody on Highway 120, then turn west on to County Road 7RP (gravel) and travel 4 miles northwest, then turn west at the BLM Hogan/Luce Reservoir access sign again on to a gravel road that is on an easement across the Two Dot Ranch for 1 mile.

This end of Road 7RP can get very muddy when wet and may become impassable until dry. An alternate route which may be passable is to come in from the north on 7RP (turn west off of Highway 120 before reaching the Clarks Fork River). A two wheel drive vehicle can make the drive when conditions are dry.

Hogan Reservoir comprises about 40 surface acres and is stocked with cutthroats. This shallow irrigation reservoir is subject to draw downs, with the maximum depth ranging from approximately 10-12 feet on the east end to less than 8 feet on the west. There is no formal boat launch site, however there is a bathroom and five campsites.

Access to Luce Reservoir is by walking approximately a quarter mile on a two track trail from the parking area at Hogan Reservoir. The 34 acre reservoir has rainbows with fishing restricted to catch and release only using flies and lures. It also is an irrigation reservoir with draw downs, and with the silty bottom, wading can be difficult. The middle of the reservoir is the deepest at over 20 feet in depth. The south end of the reservoir contains more aquatic vegetation compared to the rest of the reservoir.

The sagebrush covered hills around both reservoirs can have large grasshopper populations which get blown on to the water. Fishing hopper patterns on the surface can be excellent from sometime in June through mid-October depending on the year. Fishing with other terrestrials in the summer can also be good.

Fishing at both reservoirs can be problematic because of the high winds which can occur in any season. Early morning fishing in the summer is generally more available as evenings often have thunderstorms with high winds.

Depending on the year it is possible to catch 20+ inch fish wading from shore at both reservoirs, but a pontoon boat or float tube works best. In 2016 the fish in Hogan average less than 12 inches and in Luce around 15-16 inches. Sight fishing can especially be effective on the west side of Luce Reservoir as the shore is at a much higher elevation than the water level.

Checking the NWS weather forecast for Clark, Wyoming in addition to the Cody forecast may be helpful.

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