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Fishing the Area

The best way to learn about fishing this area is to volunteer at our projects.  Get
and flies for all seasons.

Watch our
calendar page for activities.  Join us.  We always go to a place where
there are hopefully, "Trout Unlimited".  

Low stress Catch & Release Methods.

Wyoming Game & Fish Cody Area Angler News

WYOMING Fishing Regulations         

WYO G & F Interactive Fishing Map

BLM Fishing Map
Keep Aquatic Invasive Species Out of Wyoming

  • DRAIN - Eliminate all water before leaving the area.
  • CLEAN - Remove all plants, animals, & mud from equipment and
    boats. Wash everything, including crevices and hidden areas.
  • DRY - Allow time for your boat & gear to completely dry before
    launching in other waters.

Aquatic Invasive Species Brochure
Fishing the Shoshone River, Park Co. WY, Corbett Access
Shoshone River at Corbett Public Fishing Access
Virtual Fly Box & Local Maps.