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Shoshone River Clean-up, Cody, Wyoming

Shoshone River Clean Up

A small sample of the debris the trout have to
contend with in the waters of the Shoshone River.
The annual River Clean Up is a success due to
community  and landowner support...
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Beaver Creek Cutthroat Transfer

In a cooperative effort with the G & F biologist,
volunteers from the East Yellowstone Chapter
captured almost 200 fish and transported them
over a divide into the neighboring watershed,
creating an increased habitat area for this species.
Soldier Creek, Wyoming, habitat improvement.
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Kids Fishing Day

First Saturday in June this event is organized by
the Forest Service in conjunction with the
Optimist Club and volunteer assistance of TU
and Wyoming Game and Fish.  
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Conservation Projects

  • Hidden Lake Dam Renovation
  • Replanting Old Husky Refinery Site
  • TE Ranch Fencing
  • Weed Spray Day at Newton Lakes
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Newton Lakes Endowment Fund

A permanent fund in the Wyoming Community
Foundation, to ensure the survival of the two
Newton Lakes as public fisheries. Chapter
members maintain fishing access facilities at
the Newton Lakes Recreational Area.  East
Lake is a trophy fishery...
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Shoshone River Trail Project

The goal was to construct a trail connecting the
Belfry Bridge Trail with the Paul Stock Nature Trail.  
Due to the steepness of the bluff, $43,000 worth
(revise up $130,000) of metal stairs are needed.
Not to be discouraged, on May 30, 2009 the stairs
portion of the trail was completed by 25 volunteers
and a few power tools...
Trout Unlimited Fly Casting Clinic, Cody, Wyoming

Fly Casting Clinic

This class is featured in the summer catalog of
the Cody Recreation Center. Professional
casting instructors from Tim Wade's North Fork
Anglers are assisted by chapter volunteers.
Two hours of instruction, equipment provided,
and door prizes!  Fun for all ages.
Calendar Page for date.
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North Fork Shoshone River Boat Ramp

A small strip of public access was difficult to find
and impossible for handicapped persons to
utilize.  Chapter volunteers join BLM and Game &
Fish staff to enhance the new parking area and
boat ramp...
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Trout Rescued from Irrigation Canals at
End of Water Year

Once fish leave the river and enter irrigation canals,
they've moved past the point of no return.  Find out
what's being done to rescue fish and prevent them
from leaving streams and rivers...

Get certified, it's free.
Online Backpack Electrofishing Certification Course
Save the Yellowstone Cutthroat

The Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout population has
decreased to less than 10% of historic levels in
Yellowstone Lake. This is mainly due to predation
by non-native Lake Trout.  You can help...
Save Yellowstone Lake
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Monofilament line
  • isn't biodegradable
  • lasts 600 years
  • is deadly to fish, waterfowl, and pets.  
Line litter causes poor landowner relations when
seeking fishing access.

EYTU  placed collection tubes at fishing access
points in our area.  Members are asked to collect
the line and bring it to local cooperating
merchants.....Click photo to find out more.
Click for more views of Paul Stock Trail.

Improved Access along the
Shoshone River in Cody.
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Greybull River Fish Ladder

As old irrigation dams are replaced Trout
Unlimited, with other partners, makes sure
they're fish friendly.  

See photos of new fish ladder on the
Greybull River near Meeteetse, opening 100
miles of habitat for Yellowstone Cutthroat
Bridge & stairs to access fish ladder

New fish ladder was  not accessible.  
EYTU members built a bridge.  It was
installed with help of TU Wyoming Water
Project Staff.

Three days to build, and one day to install.